IN 2012, RACHEL WAS AWARDED THE PRESTIGIOUS Entrepreneur of the Year award by one of Malta’s leading business publications, the Economic Update.Another success in a long string of achievements.

Yet, this is only the beginning – as always. Rachel’s vision is for the future and she believes that there is still a lot more that ROCS Group can achieve.

Currently, ROCS Group – through of the subsidiaries – connect with over 70,000 households in Malta. With Rachel enjoying the support of over half the population of the island, the future is as promising as always.

ROCS Retail is steadily gaining ground in its markets of operation. In fact apart from the 3 INGLOT retail outlets operating today in Libya, two Inglot Stores, two Inglot The Studio Salons, and 4 Perfumes & More outlets operating in Malta, in the busiest towns in the North & South of Malta, ROCS Retail will be opening ever more new outlets in the coming years.

ROCS Travel and ROCS Insurance have also had an expansion of another office in the central of Malta, in the busy town of Mosta,
right in the midst of Rotunda square, with the aim of being closer to their esteemed clients.

Rachel firmly believes that the future of ROCS Group lies both locally yet also in overseas expansion as the first steps towards making yet another dream a reality have already been undertaken.